For emergency repair requests only, please call 214 403-3549.

An Emergency is defined as fire, flood, uncontrollable water, electrical problems endangering life and the smell of gas. (Air conditioning, heating, hot water, disposal, dishwasher, sprinkler, etc., problems are NOT emergencies.)

To help us provide you with a quick response, be as specific as possible when describing your problem and fill the form in completely. Requests that are not specific (such as “stove not working”) or have missing contact information, will only delay our response while we contact you for clarification.

Routine maintenance requests are processed during normal business hours.

As stated in your lease agreement, if the work requested is found to be a resident’s responsibility or damage, you will be billed for the charges. EXAMPLE: Dirty A/C filter was cause of A/C repair, could be charged to tenant since filters are tenants responsibility.

Missed Appointments – You will be responsible for the payment of any service call charged for (a) a missed appointment, (b) not providing access to your unit when requested, (c) leaving a keyless bolting device engaged, or (d) not following other instructions as you agreed to resulting in the vendor not gaining entry to the property.

We, or any of our vendors, will not enter your home at anytime if someone 18 years of age or younger is at home without adult supervision: no exceptions.

  • Please explain the repair request in as much detail as possible.